• General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is designed to protect you in the event of a claim for bodily injury or property damage to a third party. The “slip and fall” claim is a classic example. Other coverages may including claims from damage arising out of premises, products, operations, completed operations, and personal and advertising injury.

Be careful when comparing quotes to make sure that the general liability policy for which you are applying is not a “premises only” policy and that products and completed operations are not excluded, unless that is what you are seeking.


  • Petting Zoo Business Personal Property Coverage & Inland Marine Coverage

This coverage is designed to equipment used in the course of your business that is located at your place of business.  If you travel, it is important to confirm that you have coverage for business personal property “off the premises” or another form of coverage for mobile equipment.  We have options for mobile equipment coverage that can easily be adjusted as your needs grow.

  • Commercial Auto and Trailer Insurance

This coverage is insure your vehicles and trailers that you use in the course of your business operation. Remember that you need commercial auto insurance even if you use your personal car or truck for business. We can help with policies that allow for both business an personal use. If you have trailers or toy haulers, we can either write a separate policy for them or add them to a commercial auto policy.

Watch for policies with exclusions that could reduce your protection, such as “bite exclusions” or “limitations to a specific premises”.

Disclaimer: Of course, each claim is subject to review and this website in no way suggests that coverage would be provided under a specific policy.  Coverage definitions vary by policy and these are just general definitions.  Contact us for more information regarding the different types of insurance. NO COVERAGE IS BOUND, OFFERED, ISSUED THROUGH THIS ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION, ALL POLICIES MUST BE UNDERWRITTEN AND APPROVED BY THE CARRIER. DO NOT CANCEL YOUR CURRENT INSURANCE. This is only a partial list of available coverages, please request a quote online or call us to go over the options.  Quotes and same day proof of insurance are available quickly and easily, thanks to the knowledgeable team at Stratum Insurance Agency LLC.


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